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Pest removal treatments for Wasps & Hornets
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Discrete rat & mouse removal & disposal
External & Internal pest removal treatments
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Squirrel control & removal
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Fast & efficient removal, eradication & control of all common pests

Pest removal service operating across Kent & all of Sussex

Pest Hunter is an independent pest control company with a focus on great customer satisfaction and service. We undertake all pest control works for business and residential properties.

We employ highly experienced technicians equipped to deal with all pest problems. Our technicians will determine the extent of the problem and advise you on the best course of treatment. They will fully explain the processes involved and what will be required in order for the pest control to be effective. Our pest control experts will put you at ease and take pride in a job well done

Covid-19 restrictions

Pest Hunter is open for business, operating safely and responsibly under the new Covid-19 Government Guidelines released 4 January 2021.

New! Antibacterial / anti-viral fogging

We can provide a deep clean disinfectant service to your home, workplace and office.

Within this process we will disinfect all multi- touch areas such as: Light switches, Doorknobs, window handles, taps, toilet flush handles, work surfaces, table tops, keyboards, bannisters, filling cabinets, printer/scanners and telephones.

Once completed we treat each area with a PX ULV which is an airborne disinfectant fog which comes into contact with all visible surfaces in each room killing bacteria and viruses.

Call us today to discuss your needs: 0800 276 1198 or send a message

Pest Hunter sponsorship

Pest Hunter Limited is a proud sponsor of British Gymnastic Champion Giselle Desseaux. Giselle was diagnosed with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) in 2017, she has a double curvature of the spine with 4 twists. To support the hopes and dreams of this incredible young lady, visit Giselle’s awareness page on GoFundMe.com

Full range of pest control services for residential & commercial properties

Pest Hunter deals effectively with the following types of pests -

Wasps, Hornets & Bees
Wasps on small nest
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Rat on patio decking
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Rat on patio decking
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Squirrel looking smug
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Insects & Spiders
Cockroaches on a loaf of bread
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Bedbugs, Fleas & Mites
Bedbug on human flesh in search of meal
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Close-up of woodworm lava eating a wooden beam
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Moles & Foxes
Mole coming up for air, making a mess of a lawn
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Pest control treatment in progress - technician spaying active chemical agent

Pest control, eradication and removal

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Bedbugs & Fleas - Control & eradication

We completely understand how distressing it is to discover that you have bed bugs/fleas in your property.
This problem is on the rise due to the busy lives we lead. These little guys love travelling and there is a variety of ways contact can occur from public transport, hotels, work, schools, even second hand furniture - basically anywhere in public.
Our experienced technician will eradicate the problem within your property.

For effective flea & bedbug treatments get in touch with Pest Hunter
mole pest icon

Foxes & moles - Control


We understand how important your garden is especially when you have been working on it making it look beautiful only to have it ruined by a pesky mole! Moles can cause multiple mounds across a large area of your property so call us today to find out how we can eradicate your mole problem


We think foxes are beautiful creatures and seeing them play in an open environment is a lovely sight but when they are uninvited we understand the distress caused. Loud screeching, the damage and faeces left all over your garden is not a pleasant experience. We can apply a deterrent treatment to keep your property fox free

For mole removal & fox control treatment - get in-touch today
spider pest icon

Insect & Spider Infestations - Treatment & eradication

If you are dealing with an infestation or would like to prevent one from happening, we have the extermination and prevention skills  to deter the following from bugging you:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Flies
  • Mites
  • Moths
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
For insect or spider eradication treatments - get in-touch today
Rat pest icon

Rats & mice - capture & removal

Rats and mice breed very quickly and will gnaw through a host of materials including wood, plastic and soft metals and not to mention the smell and spread of disease.

We will expertly track, bait and eradicate your Rat problem so you can say good riddance For Mouse trapping and removal get in touch
squirrel pest icon

Squirrels - capture & removal

Nesting squirrels become very protective of their territory and will guard it at all costs. If disturbed they become very agitated and aggressive if these bushy tailed pests are squirreling away in your loft then call us to capture, removal and resolve this issue for you.

Contact us to deal with your squirrel problem
wasp pest icon

Wasps, hornets & bees - removal, eradication or relocation

Treating any of these nests can very dangerous. Wasps/Hornets/Bees inside the nest will feel threatened and often become aggressive. This could cause them to sting you and others as they defend their nest and young.

Insect pest icon

Woodworm & deathwatch beetle - Eradication

We understand how worrying it can be to discover the wood in your property is under attack from woodwoorm/deathwatch beetle. Whether you’re moving house or have simply discovered them in your home, call us today and find out how we will eradicate and GUARANTEE no future returns.

For for effective control of woodworm and deathwatch beetles get in touch
Let us control and eradicate your pest problem - call today 0800 276 1198
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Pest Hunter covering Kent & all of Sussex

Pest Hunter operational areas covered and everywhere in between

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About Pest Hunter

Pest Hunter is a member of The Hunt Group, a family run business operating since 1983 which, like Pest Hunter, prides itself in offering a friendly, caring service.

All our customers are important, from small residential properties to large businesses and we provide the same high standards and customer service to everyone.

Customer satisfaction is paramount. We provide the highest level of customer care and support with excellent value that you might expect from a small company but with the reliability and quick response of a large company.

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