Bed Bugs

We understand how distressing it is to discover that you have bed bugs in your property.

This problem is on the rise due to the busy lives we lead, the recycling of clothing and furniture; and spreading from person to person or from textiles to people.

What are bedbugs?

They are insects of the species Cimex lectularius. They are between 1 and 7mm long and reddish brown in colour. They spread by crawling (not flying) between habitats. They feed on blood and attack animals as well as humans. They are attracted to humans by the carbon dioxide we breathe out at night as well as the warmth.

What harm do they cause?

The bite causes itching and unsightly red bitemarks and rashes. They can cause allergic reactions, lead to loss of sleep and even anxiety. They are not known to cause disease.

Checking matress for signs of bedbug infestation

Bed bugs can live in mattresses and soft furnishings

Bedbug visible on human skin

Bugs can be 1 -7mm in length

Where do bedbugs live?

They tend to live in mattresses, bed frames, headboards and in soft furnishings and clutter around the bed. They can sometimes be found in other furniture such as sofas, or even under peeling wallpaper and under electrical sockets.

One myth to dispel is that bedbugs do not care one way or the other whether their environment is clean. They just need somewhere warm to hide away during the day.

They spread easily between floors of houses and apartment complexes and are particularly attracted to places which have lots of different people staying, such as hotels, hostels, dorms, student apartments etc.

How to recognise bedbug bites

Usually, you will not see bedbugs directly. Instead, you will experience the symptoms of an infestation through bites, rashes and itchy skin. Commonly you could possibly see black spotting around a bed and mattress that signifies beg bug faeces.

Bedbug bites are often clustered together or in a line and are most commonly found on the neck and face as well as the hands and arms. The bites are red, often with a dark red spot in the middle.

Our approach

We have talked to many distressed customers who have found that home remedies and over-the-counter treatments have proven costly and ineffective.  At Pest Hunter we use a process to assess your home, identify and implement a solution, and follow up to ensure peace of mind.


Our bed bug technicians have extensive knowledge of bedbug habits and have may years local experience and expertise. The sooner the treatment is started the quicker the infested areas can be isolated and treated to reduce the spread.

We target all affected areas for bed bug control with a chemical spray treatment which is specifically designed to effectively eliminate these pests at all life stages, from eggs and larvae to adults.

How long does the process take?

The time will depend on the size of the premises.

Our service is suitable for residential property as well as commercial property such as hotel rooms and public spaces, cinemas and offices.

We recommend vacating the property for a minimum of 4 hours whilst the treatment takes place. All soft furnishings, bedding, bed linen and clothing should then be cleaned and dried with a hot tumble drier as eggs and adults can travel on textiles and survive for up 12 months without feeding.

Is this a one-off process?

We can either provide this service on a one-off basis or on a regular, scheduled basis. For example, for a cinema we would recommend quarterly inspections.

How Pest Hunter can help

At Pest Hunter we provide a professional bedbug eradication service. Our trained and friendly technicians are highly skilled at cleaning office and domestic premises.

The towns we regularly visit include: Bromley, Gillingham, Faversham, Canterbury, Folkestone, Dover, Cranbrook, Ashford, Broadstairs, Edenbridge

About Pest Hunter

Pest Hunter is a member of The Hunt Group, a family run business operating since 1983 which, like Pest Hunter, prides itself in offering a friendly, caring service.

All our customers are important, from small residential properties to large businesses and we provide the same high standards and customer service to everyone.

Customer satisfaction is paramount. We provide the highest level of customer care and support with excellent value that you might expect from a small company but with the reliability and quick response of a large company.

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