Woodworm and Deathwatch Beetle Eradication

There's nothing more beautiful than wood, especially in the home. In furniture, beams, and flooring, being surrounded by wood is natural and calming.

So, we understand how worrying it can be to discover the wood in your property is under attack from woodworm or Deathwatch Beetle.

Whether you’re moving house or have simply discovered them in your home, call us today and find out how we will eradicate and GUARANTEE no future returns.

Oak showing tell-tale signs of woodworm infestation
close up of woodworm larvae
Close-up of woodworm larvae

How to tell if you have woodworm in your home

It's normally easy to tell - look for small 2mm diameter holes in your wooden furniture or structural beams. These are the exit holes of the beetles, the tell-tale signs of an infestation. If you find woodworm droppings ("frass") near the exit holes then it's more likely that your infestation is active unfortunately. Frass is fine, powdery sawdust-like substance which can pile up around the exit holes or drop down beneath them. 

If you are not sure if you have a live woodworm infestation, don't hesitate to contact Pest Hunter for advice. Our experts will be able to tell you one way or the other.

What is woodworm?

Despite the name, woodworm is not a worm but a wood-boring beetle. The larvae of the woodworm beetle feeds on the cells in the wood.

Are there different types of woodworm?

There are indeed several types. The most common type is the Common Furniture Beetle. Other types only attack damp wood - so if you have wet rot your wood may be especially susceptible.

Discovered woodworm in your new home?

If you have recently moved into a new home and noticed tiny holes around 2mm in diameter in your wood, it can be a bit of a nasty surprise.

But don't panic. It's quite rare for woodworm infestations to reach the point where wood becomes weakened to the point of collapse, but it's important to fix the problem straight away to prevent it from getting any worse.

Treated woodworm but the problem keeps coming back?

It's true that there are some woodworm treatments on the market and sometimes these can be effective. Unfortunately, we know that such treatments are often only a temporary solution to the problem and the infestation can keep coming back. It's at this point that a woodworm company should be consulted. We can help assess the levels of infestation, whether the problem is ongoing or historical and how much damage has already been caused. 

How Pest Hunter can help

At Pest Hunter we provide a professional woodworm treatment service. Our trained and friendly operatives are highly skilled at detecting and eradicating woodworm. Pest Hunter is one of the foremost experts in woodworm treatment in the South East.

At Pest Hunter we provide a professional bedbug eradication service. Our trained and friendly technicians are highly skilled at cleaning office and domestic premises. 

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